Private Jet Charter Las Vegas Services

We offer an exclusive luxury flight experience that far surpasses the other jet broker companies in the country. Our private jet charter Las Vegas flights have been setting the pace for growth for both business and leisure flights. We offer attractive and cost-effective alternatives to ownership plans that other companies may offer. There’s no need to own or own a fraction of a private jet in order to get the luxurious experience you’ve always heard people speaking of. With us, there are no maintenance costs or membership fees. You only pay when you fly and you can fly in the plan that you choose. We offer a range of plane sizes, not just a single one. This gives you more variety throughout the year to accommodate your needs.

The Highest Standards in Safety and Security

Safety is our number one priority at Private Jet Charter Las Vegas Flights. As our valued client, we take safety very seriously. Each and every charter jet on our fleet is subjected to extensive screening. This goes for our pilots and our crew as well. Additionally, each individual flight undergoes a number of intense inspections prior to taking off to guarantee you arrive safely at your destination.

All of our planes operate under the FAA Regulation Part 135. We also work very closely with the TSA to ensure the safety and security of our facility meets regulations. As a result, we require background checks on all of our passengers, pilots, crew and anyone else who boards one of our flights. Equally stringent checks are also performed on all of our ground maintenance personnel. When you travel with us, we guarantee your peace of mind. Further, we have memberships with an outside safety and auditing firm, which makes us the benchmark for air travel safety throughout the jet broker industry.

Only the finest in charter jet aircraft is selected by us and they must meet our standards for quality and safety. We exceed the FAA requirements with every single flight.

The Highest Standards in Luxury

We also strive to provide a luxury experience when you board one of our private planes. Our concierge has been trained to the highest standards to ensure each and every need of yours is met and exceeded. This includes finding out what kinds of foods and drinks you prefer. We offer a wide range of wines, champagnes and other beverages. We can also cater any food onto the flight that you would like, including ones with dietary restrictions.

When you land at your destination, our job is not over. We will see to it that you have all the assistance you require with ground transportation, hotel accommodations and even dinner reservations. If you have little ones traveling with you, we are able to find babysitters to allow you more time with your co-workers or for a romantic evening.

We have been in the industry for a very long time and have worked to exceed the needs of business travelers and pleasure travelers alike. We have not become the pacesetter in the industry by accident. We cater to the needs of our clients to ensure you are able to have the luxurious flight that you are paying for.